"New Builds" Dwarven Eldritch Artificer

After the new eldritch knight enhancement tree came out I knew I had to have one and have spent the last week or so testing various builds in multiclassing it with various styles. I think I have finally landed on a keeper with this new build. First off I started with my vet 4 status which allows me to build a level 4 toon right out of the gate or I should say right off the ship lol. I have choosen the multiclass of arti/wiz due to the fact they both share the main stat of INT as well as after careful experimentation I have found that the artificer's elemental and weapon enhancements will stack with the eldritch knights weapon enhancements. knowing that this was going to be a melee build with the artificer having a rune arm I wasnt sure at first what type of weapon to use but I did know I wanted a high damage output. I was stuck between dwarven axe's and bastard swords due to the fact they have the highest damage for a one handed weapon as well as offered more damage through glancing blows which hit enimies around you as you swing them. As I was thinking of ways to get around needing to use an extra feat for the proficiency of the weapon I had 2 choices. One was to use the Chimera's Breath rune arm which give automatic feat for Bswords proficiency but this would limit my ability to use new and stronger rune arms as I leveled up.
Second was to make the toon a dwarf to get the feat for dwarven axe's but with this one I would have to use up a spell slot for the Master's Touch spell in order to give the dwarf the ability to use them. Both of these ways will save you from having to use up one of your precious Feats as you level. I have test ran both styles and come to the conclusion of using the dwarf as the build is multiclassed with 2 spell casters I will have plenty of spell slots for the needed spell. A bonus to using the dwarf is he has an enhancement that allows him to use his CON mod for weapon damage. This mixed with the artificer's Insightful Strikes spell (allows INT mod for attacks) allowed me to not put alot of points into the STR when initially building him though I do reccommend at least 13 points into STR stat in the begining in order to have access to the Power Attack Feat as this is a prerequisite for the Cleave and Great Cleave feats. I highly recommend the use of these feats as they offer a higher dmg output as well as strike everything that stands around you making them essential for mobs. With your remanding points i suggest to max out CON and put rest into INT. This is for the initial building phase only and not the enhancement trees just to clarify the information. As for the enhancement trees I suggest spending the first point on the Eldritch Strike in order to get more damage output in the battle field. Once you have this I would spend the next 16 points into the Dwarf enhancement tree untill you get the "Throw you weight around" enhancement which allows you to apply you CON mod to dmg  instead of STR mod. The rest of the points I would evenly distribute between Battle Engineer enhancements and Eldritch Knight enhancements. With great pleasure i present to you Memnnoch the Dwarven Eldritch Artificer

  This is the base of the build and as I was level 4 I was able to run around in several higher Level wilderness like Searing Heights(lvl6) and Sorrowduskn Isle(lvl7) with great ease slaying my night away. Here are some screenshots I took throughout the nights run.

 For any questions or advice on your own custom builds contact me at tewinc@yahoo.com I am always open to help new players in there journeys. Thanks for joining me with this edition of "New Builds"

Walk Through "CATACOMBS"

Let me begin by saying there is alot of running in this quest chain to and from quest entrances up and down the tower. To begin the quest you have to talk to Friar Renau outside of the tower on the eastern side of the Marketplace near the entrance to House Cannith.
He will ask you to investigate what has befallen his innocent niece Marguerite. You then head into the tower and down to the sanctuary to enter the first quest in this chain.
You must find evidence of what has happened to Marguerite and return to Friar Renau with this info. Fighting lots of skellys, zombies, bats and undead in the process. And thus begins the many travels up and down the stairs. Once you give the Friar the news he ask you to speak to the Archbishop Dryden about the issues at hand.
Once you speak to Dryden he asked that you investigate the matter further by going back into the sanctuary and find any witnesses. You will have some levers and locks to play with here as well as the lovely masses of undead and a couple construct dogs to deal with.
Once you have found the witness he gives you some revealing information about Marguerite and the Archbishop himself. You then must go back up to the Archbishop with the information, from there he ask you to descend into the archives and search for a tome that tells of the mysterious information on Marguerite. Once you find the Tome you must take it back to Dryden. You must then make your way into the family crypt to search for the forbidden secrets of the curse.
Once you find the secrets and return to Dryden with this news he will then ask you to descend into the lower cathedral and set up wards against the undead to protect everyone inside the tower. This consist of two separate quest in which are loaded with hordes of undead monsters to fight throughout. You will then have to return to Dryden after each quest has finished.

Now that you have set the wards you must descend back down to the very bottom and enter the Eastern Catacombs to confront Marguerite. Once inside you will notice that the Eastern Catacombs resembles the halls on the other side you have ben traversing up and down the whole time.
You speak to the wraith incarnation of the girl about her father and assure her you will put an end to his wrath and protect the people of the Sanctuary. To do this you must fight your way back up the eastern side against hordes of undead. Once at the top you must purify the altar there to protect from the undead.

There is a secret door behind the altar that will allow you to exit the quest and head directly out to the other side where you will be right in front of the Archbishops chambers. Here you must confront the Archbishop about the curse and stop him at once. He sits on his throne guarded by two construct dogs and once you finish the conversation he transforms into a wraith and the dogs attack. throughout the throne room the will be some spawns of Arcane skellys as well as archers. Given they all have ranged abilities it is best to keep the fight against Dryden confined to his throne area and use the walls around it to protect you from the ranged attacks as much as possible. Once you have defeated the wraith incarnation of Dryden you must return to the good Friar who waits outside for news of his innocent niece. You must inform him of the deed and he then rewards you with your choice of one random named and un-named loot. 

Notable affects in this loot: 
  • "lesser undead bane" adds damage to undead 
  • "ghost touch" stops the miss chance when attacking a incorporeal creatures
  • "silver" bypasses the damage reduction of  vampires, lycanthropes, and some devils
  • "lesser undead guard" grants the ability to do extra damage to any undead attaking you in melee

Notable Named items: