Welcome to Tommy's DDO. Here I will talk about the game I play the most. I will share my experiences and a lot of info I have learned throughout my years playing this wonderful game. I will be setting up basic walk through's for every quest in the game and I will be adding them weekly with in game screen shots.
                                                                                            I will also share some of my coolest character builds.

There will be articles added about game updates as well as festival activities. This game has endless possibilities and hours of play. For those new to the game stay a while you may learn some critical information that helps you along your questing and character builds. And for the seasoned players I will offer discussion topics within your guild or game play who knows you may even learn a few things with my crazy character building styles. Thanks for visiting and don't forget to check back weekly as my goal is to add new post 2-3 times per week.
                          See you in game

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