House Cannith Challenges

Today I will go over some steps to get you started in the right direction to all that the wonderfull House Cannith has to offer. These challenges are unlimited in use for VIP but dont let that stop you from reaping the rewards. Once a day with each character you have can stop by Kariya Vannis and recieve one challenge token good for one entry into any of the challenges.
 She resides straight ahead once inside House Cannith go up a flight of steps and she stands off center to the right of the huge statue. Once you pick up you challenge token I would suggest starting off with Kobold Island: Kobold Chaos. At level 4 this is fairly simple and an easy challenge to solo. Due to the way the dungeon scaling works I find it more rewarding to solo these runs then with a group. When in a group you not only have more baddies but they become stronger in level as well. This includes taking a hire into the challenge according to my resulting experiments with these challeneges. I will start off by explaining my simple and effective tactic for completeing this challenge. In the challenge there are 4 small extractors and 3 large extractors. These extractors need to be turned on with mechanical parts aquired from killing kobolds within the map. Dont worry they have small camps set up all over the place just hunt one of the camps down and kill them. You should by now have some mechanical parts to use in turning on the first extractor. Start off small and dont even worry about the large extractors untill you get the hang of running the smalls a couple times. Once you turn on the first extractor head to the next one on your way killing any kobolds you find. I would not reccommend messing with there little altars just yet as it will not allow any of them to respawn in that area. You wil need more kobolds in your circling runs for more mechanical parts. These mechanical parts come in handy not only for turning on the extractors but for purchassing cannons from the extractors themselves. I place one cannon at each small extractor. Play with the placement to see what works best as an onslaut of baddies will come to attack the extractors and turn them off. Continue running in a big circle to each extractor killing kobolds on the way making sure to protect and have all your extractors running.

Be warned there will be random red named mini bosses popping off at this point. Once you have aquired enough shards you can then use them to upgrade your extractors to collect more shards faster. Make sure you upgrade each of the small extractors and continue protecting your investment. Now that you have the small extractors upgraded and cannon placements near each, this would be a good time to hunt down one of the large extractors. These are usually protected by a red named boss only one when you solo but more when in team. Kill the boss and any other baddies before turning on the large extractor. at this point i would check the timer on the challenge if there is less than a minute left I wouldnt turn on the large extractor and keep protecting the smalls untill time runs out. Depending on how many shards you have collected you will be rewarded Crude Talismans at 24% of your total score so the more shards you collect the more Talismans you get. These can then be traded at the reward vendors for gear and goods. I expecially like the boosting potions that help increase Exp, Slayer Count, and Guild Renown which only cost 150 in rewards. Of course there is alot of really nice gear here to but that will take some time and many runs to get and inprove through upgrades. At least now you have a starting point and the know how to acquire the daily tokens. You can collect these Challenge Tokens each day weather you run the challenges or not and save them when you have enough you can spend a whole day runiing challenges. Good luck and happy questing.

Dwarven Eldritch Artificer update lvl 9

I started out with Vet 4 on this toon and in such short time he has evolved. As a dwarf we would all think that they should automatically get proficency with dwarven axes but this is not true as they only recieve the porficency if the class they are in has martial weapons proficency. In order to combat this you can do one of two things. First the build is a magic melee and has plenty room for spell usage as both artificer and wizard get the Master Touch spell which will give you what you need. But I prefer using the Wizard Eldritch Knight enhancement martial training as it also gives you 2% doublestrike with the proficency.(example2)

I started out with some points into Strength in order to make sure my melee attacks would go thru as well as actually work. I have progressed enough and recieved enough Action Points to aquire the dwarven enhancement Throw your weight around (example 1) which allows for use of the Constitution modifier in place of the strength mod for melee damage. Combined with the Artificer's spell Insightful Strikes which allows for the Intelligence modifier to replace strength mod for melee attack. I now had no need for strength in terms of attack and damage so I use my lesser heart of wood to restat all my points into constitution and intelligence maxing them out making my melee attacks and damage much more efficient.

Now that I have lesser reincarnated i have more wizard spells as well due to keeping the original spell book before the incarnation. as well my CON and INT are maxed and my Melee attacks are so much more efficient. On top of all this im getting alot of extra boost for axe atk and dmg thru enhancements. Now its on the grind to get up to level 12 and hit the vale so i can make me some GreenSteel for this cool build. Thanks for joining me on this update of  "New Builds: Dwarven eldritch arti" and check back often as there plenty of walk throughs coming in the future. If you have any questions,comments or would like to see anything in specific dont hesitate to contact me hear at happy questing


This is an essential quest for a few reasons one is you can make it out to the Korthos Island without its completion. Second is it offers a great piece of loot that every beginner should have at low levels. I personally will run this several time so i have Three to five of the Named item. Lets begin by speaking to an all to familiar named NPC Baldar the Bold.

Once he explains the situaton and gives you the quest your free to start. The quest entrance is a short distance down the hill to the right of Baldar. Enter into the quest there will be a door just up ahead. Once through this door the quest will begin so i suggest to buff up now while you have the time. Once buffed head thru the door and in the back right of the room will be a  floating crystal.

You will have to protect this crystal from being destroyed. There will be a total of fifteen cultist to fight plus a possible red named boss Dren Ral who only may appear on hard and elite difficulties. After you defeat the cultis and possible boss loot your chest and head back out to pick up your reward from Baldar. I highly recommend choosing the Bracers of Assistance as they give you temporary health points and boost your attack.They can also be used to revive knocked out friends by selecting your knocked out team mate then clicking on the bracers it will revive them just enough for them to swallow up som pots and be back on the floor running. At lower levels i tend to carry around three to five of these and they come in handy often.

Good luck questing and thanks for joining me on this walk through. If you have any questions comments or concerns please contact me at

"Walk Through" Haverdasher

This is a good quest for early level loot runs. For the short time it takes to run the quest you get two chest out of it plus and end reward. To start the quest you need to speak with Kalimnal d'Kundarak who stands near the entrance to the quest in the harbor.
Once inside you must speak with the man off to the right of the door stooped down on the floor.
You must then go thru the dor and down a hall wich will lead you to the final fight scene. Its best to buff now if you are going to at all cause once you open the next door it is fight time.
Once you open the door the scorpions will start to burrow there way out of the ground. One tactic is to funnel them through the door so they all must attack you from the front which keeps you safe from flanking and mutiple attacks at once or you can just go in swinging and not look back. There will be a total of nine scorpions to kill, eight for the quest and one boss named Blacktail.
Once you defeat Blacktail a chest will appear off to the back right corner of the room.
Make sure you have killed all eight needed for the quest and loot the chest then head back up to talk to Haverdasher and another chest will apear to his right.
Now all thats left is to head back outside and get your end reward. In order to run the quest mutiple times you will need to speak with Kalimnal d'Kundarak to pick the quest up again. I highly recommend running this a few times as you can recieve alot of loot early on in the game so weather you use it, deconstruct it for crafting or sell it this is a bennificial quest for new toons to run.