This is an essential quest for a few reasons one is you can make it out to the Korthos Island without its completion. Second is it offers a great piece of loot that every beginner should have at low levels. I personally will run this several time so i have Three to five of the Named item. Lets begin by speaking to an all to familiar named NPC Baldar the Bold.

Once he explains the situaton and gives you the quest your free to start. The quest entrance is a short distance down the hill to the right of Baldar. Enter into the quest there will be a door just up ahead. Once through this door the quest will begin so i suggest to buff up now while you have the time. Once buffed head thru the door and in the back right of the room will be a  floating crystal.

You will have to protect this crystal from being destroyed. There will be a total of fifteen cultist to fight plus a possible red named boss Dren Ral who only may appear on hard and elite difficulties. After you defeat the cultis and possible boss loot your chest and head back out to pick up your reward from Baldar. I highly recommend choosing the Bracers of Assistance as they give you temporary health points and boost your attack.They can also be used to revive knocked out friends by selecting your knocked out team mate then clicking on the bracers it will revive them just enough for them to swallow up som pots and be back on the floor running. At lower levels i tend to carry around three to five of these and they come in handy often.

Good luck questing and thanks for joining me on this walk through. If you have any questions comments or concerns please contact me at TEWINC@Yahoo.com

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