"Walk Through" Haverdasher

This is a good quest for early level loot runs. For the short time it takes to run the quest you get two chest out of it plus and end reward. To start the quest you need to speak with Kalimnal d'Kundarak who stands near the entrance to the quest in the harbor.
Once inside you must speak with the man off to the right of the door stooped down on the floor.
You must then go thru the dor and down a hall wich will lead you to the final fight scene. Its best to buff now if you are going to at all cause once you open the next door it is fight time.
Once you open the door the scorpions will start to burrow there way out of the ground. One tactic is to funnel them through the door so they all must attack you from the front which keeps you safe from flanking and mutiple attacks at once or you can just go in swinging and not look back. There will be a total of nine scorpions to kill, eight for the quest and one boss named Blacktail.
Once you defeat Blacktail a chest will appear off to the back right corner of the room.
Make sure you have killed all eight needed for the quest and loot the chest then head back up to talk to Haverdasher and another chest will apear to his right.
Now all thats left is to head back outside and get your end reward. In order to run the quest mutiple times you will need to speak with Kalimnal d'Kundarak to pick the quest up again. I highly recommend running this a few times as you can recieve alot of loot early on in the game so weather you use it, deconstruct it for crafting or sell it this is a bennificial quest for new toons to run.

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  1. Re: Haverdasher. I love this short quest for when I come out of a wilderness area or arena, in need of healing or spellpoints. It's short and easy on a higher level character, gives you random loot for crafting and you leave with full hp/sp. Fall off the boardwalk? Fall in the lava in the Twelve. Haverdasher can take care of that in just a minute of gameplay.