Dwarven Eldritch Artificer update lvl 9

I started out with Vet 4 on this toon and in such short time he has evolved. As a dwarf we would all think that they should automatically get proficency with dwarven axes but this is not true as they only recieve the porficency if the class they are in has martial weapons proficency. In order to combat this you can do one of two things. First the build is a magic melee and has plenty room for spell usage as both artificer and wizard get the Master Touch spell which will give you what you need. But I prefer using the Wizard Eldritch Knight enhancement martial training as it also gives you 2% doublestrike with the proficency.(example2)

I started out with some points into Strength in order to make sure my melee attacks would go thru as well as actually work. I have progressed enough and recieved enough Action Points to aquire the dwarven enhancement Throw your weight around (example 1) which allows for use of the Constitution modifier in place of the strength mod for melee damage. Combined with the Artificer's spell Insightful Strikes which allows for the Intelligence modifier to replace strength mod for melee attack. I now had no need for strength in terms of attack and damage so I use my lesser heart of wood to restat all my points into constitution and intelligence maxing them out making my melee attacks and damage much more efficient.

Now that I have lesser reincarnated i have more wizard spells as well due to keeping the original spell book before the incarnation. as well my CON and INT are maxed and my Melee attacks are so much more efficient. On top of all this im getting alot of extra boost for axe atk and dmg thru enhancements. Now its on the grind to get up to level 12 and hit the vale so i can make me some GreenSteel for this cool build. Thanks for joining me on this update of  "New Builds: Dwarven eldritch arti" and check back often as there plenty of walk throughs coming in the future. If you have any questions,comments or would like to see anything in specific dont hesitate to contact me hear at tewinc@yahoo.com. happy questing

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